How I built the website

create site locally

  1. Follow sphinx-bootstrap-theme

  2. To select theme, edit bootswatch_theme in

  3. To select style in the theme, edit navbar_class in

Publish to github

  1. Remove the underscore from the folder names because github would ignore folders start with underscore

  2. Edit the directory in .html files correspondingly

  3. publish the html folder to github

Publish to customized domain names

  1. Purchase domain. I purchased from namecheap

  2. Set the custom domain in github settings

  3. Add the github host to the DNS provider. There are three ways to do this:

  1. add A record using IP

    Type = A Record
    Host = @
    Value = / / /
  2. add ALIAS record using default domain name (i.e., <username>

    Type = ALIAS Record
    Host = wwww
    value = <username>


Make sure to use lower case for the bootswatch_theme in